Insul-Lite Series - Reefer

The RoaDor Classic series door is the ideal hybrid design. The PVC panel provides the light weight and sanitary door you need with the drop in hinge you know!




Different businesses have different needs which is why RoaDor has launched our new reefer truck door system. It still has the paint free, clean appearance, lighter weight and barrier protection of our door models,  but it is matched with the drop in friendly and easy repaired, external hinge.


Stainless Steel

At RoaDor, we know that preventing maintenance is more than just a rust free panel. That is why all of our doors come standard with grade 4 stainless steel rivets, screws, cable supports, stud plates, and rollers. We also offer stainless steel hinges!


Now Available - Bottom Panel Hinge

If you are like most large freight companies, than you know how much damage a forklift can do, which is why RoaDor offers the bottom panel swing hinge. The hinge allows for the bottom panel to be pulled safely above the door opening to protect your door the dreaded forklift!