NEW AT ROADOR: RoaDor now offers standard and custom automated material handling systems. From replacement rollers and parts, to custom made lines catered to meet and exceed your company's expectations.

Backed with over 45 years of experience, our engineers will work with your team to design the ideal system to fit your supply chain needs. We manufacturer a wide variety of conveyors such as gravity roller conveyors, chain conveyors, belt conveyors, accumulation conveyors and CDLR conveyors, as well as cross transfers, turn tables, specialized lifts and more.

Our systems are used in several applications from roll forming, automotive assembly, heavy load handling, to food processing, pharmaceuticals,  bottling plants, and sterilization plants.

We pride ourselves in providing quality material handling machinery that is proven to reduce operational cost, while increasing warehouse space and providing your company with a safer, cleaner, and more efficient assembly environment.

WHAT ARE THE Benefits of using material handling system?

  • Reduced damage to products during storage and during assembly.
  • Increased operational and storage space.
  • Reduced in-direct labor cost by eliminating unproductive foot traffic.
  • Increased work flow and efficiency.
  • Increase product output.
  • Reduced product costs.
  • Increased plant safety.

The biggest benefit is remaining competitive. As more and more companies invest in material handling equipment, they are able to lower their pricing to their customers. The companies that take advantage of these systems early will have a significant advantage over their competitors. The increase in efficiency will allow these companies to outperform on price, quality, and turn around time which will build their customer base, brand name, and quality.