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“We are very impressed with the operation of this door, and our drivers appreciate the light weight”, says Skip Woods, Director of Distribution.

Anthony Johnson, Driver, has been with Cloverland Green Spring Dairy since 1978. “The RoaDor is the first tough lightweight door system that I have worked with. I appreciate both the ease of use and lack of stress on the arm’s muscular system when pulling it down. This is a huge improvement over what we have used in the past”

“The feedback from our drivers has been 99% overwhelmingly in favor of the RoaDor roll up doors”, Al Shewbridge, Distribution Manager, Cloverland Green Spring Dairy

"RoaDor Quality and craftsmanship is excellent. We now have approximately 100 RoaDors (over 4 years) and our maintenance labor cost has dropped significantly since we switched to RoaDor doors. This is the door of the 21st Century!”
John Delia, Fleet Manager

" I have a fleet of seventeen trucks with two doors on each box unit. Since using the RoaDor I have been very happy with the quality, construction and the fuel savings from the decreased weight of the doors. We are currently switching out our old doors and replacing them with the Roador without problems because of your help. I would recommend this door to buyers anytime."

Paul Hopkins

General Manager, City Clean