top brackets

Sept 27 2017- We have extended the side wall of our low header top bracket to increase sag resistance and increase overall longevity.


RoaDor truck panel with hinge.jpg

Field testing

Apr 12 2017-  After running a test door at our plant for 6 months and completing 26ooo cycles, RoaDor has now started placing our newest model into the field for practical application testing.

New U-Bolts

Jan 02 2017-  Starting January 2017 RoaDor has switched to an interior access S.S. U-bolt. This change allow for easier cable replacement, and comes standard with all new RoaDor roll-up doors and with all aluminum bottom panels.

S.S. U-bolts RoaDor truck roll-up door

PVC and aluminum bottom truck door panels

New Bottom PAnels

Dec 02 2016- RoaDor introduces the re-designed bottom panel. This design still keeps the exterior PVC surface to eliminate painting, while providing added strength to the inside of the door even across the hinge, and reducing the weight.

This design comes in to effect Jan 01 2017 and will be standard on all new doors.

Work Truck Show 2016

Mar 01 2016- Roador will be at the Truck World trade show. Make sure to stop and check us out!

RoaDor Logo 2017.jpg

S.S. Top bracket adjustment plate

Top Bracket Stud Plate

Feb 02 2015 - We have changed all of our top panel stud plates from standard sink plate to stainless steel.