Streamline Series - Dry Freight

The RoaDor streamline door is the best choice for small fleets! Our PVC panels never require painting, and never rust, providing your business with a clean look that you don't have to pay to maintain! Our PVC truck doors are also ideal for the agricultural and coastline industry due to its superior resistance to corrosion and rusting!

RoaDor overhead door panel.jpg


Our truck door panels reduce maintenance and keep your door looking great for years to come. The secret is in the our patented full length integral hinge which provides our door with a hinge you never need to grease and a hinges you never need to replace! 


stainless steel

At RoaDor, we know that preventing maintenance is more than just a rust free panel. That is why all of our doors come standard with grade 4 stainless steel rivets, screws, cable supports, stud plates, and rollers.

1" Dry freight bottom panel

now available- aluminum bottom panel

Our all aluminum bottom panel provides superior impact resistance where you need it most, and with the outer PVC plate, you still don't need to paint. It's lighter weight, it's rust free, and yes... it's standard on all new doors!