Streamline Series - Refridgerated

All RoaDor streamline series doors use our cutting edge interior hinged design which provides a smooth finish and prevents rust from defacing the back or your truck and your business!

Refrigerated truck roll-up door panel.jpg


A closed door will protect your cargo, but what happens to the dirt, water, and snow that collect on the door while driving? Our roll-up truck door panels are the only panels in the trucking industry that offer a complete barrier to your cargo. Our full length hinge prevents dirt and water from falling between the panels...ever! 


stainless steel

When it comes to keeping the interior of your truck clean, the less rusty, greasy, and corroded components, the better! That is why all of our doors come standard with grade 4 stainless steel rivets, screws, cable supports, stud plates, and rollers.

Refrigerated truck door bottom panel

Now Available

Our all aluminum bottom panel provides superior impact resistance where you need it most, and with the outer PVC plate, you still don't need to paint. It's lighter weight, it's rust free, and yes... it's standard on all new doors!